The Transformations Platform is a non-profit organization, but not an ordinary one. Not only public, social or charitable projects are implemented here – this is a space and people striving to fill the world with the best ideas, socially useful content, to realize themselves and help others in the implementation of plans and ideas.

By joining the platform, you get like-minded people, a lot of useful information, individual consultations that contribute to the effective implementation of your projects, new knowledge, support, motivation, and also an unlimited source of good deeds.


Our mission is to transform the world into a better version, to teach to think broader and create for the benefit of society. That is why we regularly work with the vulnerable and the desperate, and most importantly with children.

Support for projects of the Transformations Platform


We implemented more than 20 projects

We organised more than 500 events

We helped more than 1,500 elderly people

3500+ participants of our projects

2000+ counselling sessions

380 lectures held

120 specialized training sessions

730 highly specialized counselling sessions